?Mayor Zhao Ye comes to a company survey
Column:Company news Time:2018-04-27

In July 5, 2011, Jingjiang city mayor Zhao Ye line to carry out science and technology development research, accompanied by the Jingjiang city classics is believed appoint director Shen Nansong, and the Jingjiang Municipal Office of personnel.

By nine a.m., the mayor in our new factory, Dongxing town Party committee secretary and mayor Wu River in charge, our chairman of the company with company executives who early. Mayor visited my company's assembly and parts production workshop, in our laboratory, R & D center stop for a long time, careful observation and questions.

The scene after the inspection, all participants to my company meeting room on the status and the development strategy in the affirmative, and on-site guidance we distill strategic thought, relax the strategic vision, enhance the development goals.

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